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Dark Urban Fantasy

Standing in the Light is hard, especially when everyone assumes you’re capable of Darkness. And maybe I am.

My name is Sabine McGunther Barlow, the daughter of our Coven leader and an apprentice white witch. Everyone expects me to follow in my mother’s footsteps, but walking the path of light magic isn’t easy. I mean, who wants to be perfect all the time? Like any other teenager, I have my faults, and every so often, my curiosity gets the better of me. But, I try to stick to the path of light.

Then, my coven’s ceremonial tools disappear, and all fingers point to me, the bad seed. How do I prove my innocence when even my mother thinks I’m guilty?


The world-building is exceptional, the history complete, and the characters interesting. The clash of worlds, the meaning of life all resonated with me. This was a story that had many layers. The cruelty, the carelessness of the nereid's seemed symbolic of so much of the world today. Only Thesla remembered. She offered so much hope and the love between her and the watchman was the true treasure.


Amazon User for At Waters Edge

I really liked the world created here - both the "sea" setting and the village on land. The unfairness Thelsa faces with her sisters made me mad, but it really illustrated how good and kind the heroine was, and made you root for her HEA.


Amazon User for At Waters Edge

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LA Kirk is a writer and editor.


When not hard at work in front of her computer, her time is spent with her husband and two children, watching them play soccer, or chasing after the family puppy.


LA loves working with other authors to help build their stories and brands.





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