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Twisted Lenses
Available in Spirits & Spells True Paranornal Anthology

Ever since she broke a mirror, she's been terrified of her own reflection. What she sees isn't real. Or is it? When an office party forces her to confront her own fears, will she walk away stronger? Or utterly destroyed?

Available in Forbidden Desires Anthology or as a Standalone Book

Will being sent away by yet another family drive Cassie to excel in her new environment or run? The unknown could be just what Cassie needs to finally feel part of something.

Cassie Martin is used to being shuffled around in the foster system, so when her newest guardians want to send her away to a camp for “exceptional youths” she sees it as their way to deal with a troubled teen. She never could have guessed they were telling the truth!


Soon, Cassie finds herself surrounded by other kids her own age who display unusual aptitudes for learning. Faced with a camp bully, and hot guys who seem determined to get to know her better, Cassie’s life has just gotten a lot more interesting, but maybe not for the better.


Unusual things are happening at the camp, and the counselors are determined to keep everyone in the dark. But in a camp designed to encourage brilliant minds, it’s only a matter of time before the truth will be revealed.

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Available Exclusively in Deadly Night: A Twisted Anthology

They look like normal, wealthy twins with maybe a little too much time on their hands. But beneath their beautiful exteriors lives a darkness only restrained by complacence. 

The Hyde twins, Ren and Ward, have lived for thousands of years. Raised by an immortal being of true evil, they exist for one purpose - to steal time for their mentor. 

Traveling to Connecticut for a white Christmas, they hatch a plan to prey on the bored upper crust of society. Their game relies on self imposed rules, and turns both the good and the bad into victims. 

But have they grown too soft? Will the time they steal please their master? Or will their lives be at risk, too?

The Craft of Vengeance
Available Exclusively in Shadows and Sorcery Anthology

On the quest for vengeance, no cost is too high, no life is sacred, and even my soul is on the auction block.


I thought my biggest struggle in life would be to follow my coven’s path of white magic. Harm none, and put out in the world only what I’m willing to receive back threefold. Like a good student, I ignore the whispers of my heart and the call of the forbidden grimoires locked in my family’s vault.


But when destruction comes to my door, it sets in motion a dark path of vengeance. No cost is too high, no life is sacred, and even my soul is on the auction block.

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